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Five Reasons to Vote for Me in the Big Blog Exchange


Something I´m loving about my 30/30 Birthday Challenge is how my openness to trying one new thing a day is taking me places I hadn´t imagined when I first came up with the idea. On some days my original plan of the new thing I was going to try has had a sort of domino effect, leading me to try several new things all in one day. On other days it´s led me to conversations that have left me reflecting, smiling, or in the case of today…creating a new challenge!

When one of my Facebook friends saw on my original 30/30 post that I hadn´t ever been able to complete my original plan of walking all of Alki like I´d planned to on day 4 she got in touch with me and asked if I´d like to go for the walk with her. And among several great topics that came up during this walk was that of ¨The Big Blog Exchange.¨

Hosteling International is hosting a worldwide competition amongst bloggers. Continue reading