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Why I Accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge

I went back and forth about whether or not I was going to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge if someone challenged me. At first I thought “Of course I’d do it! It’s for a great cause!” and I was further encouraged when I heard just how much money the ALS association had earned thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge and the subsequent increase in awareness about the disease. But in the past week, with the challenge being featured on all major talk shows, celebrities posting videos and my Facebook news feed flooding with #icebucketchallenge, it started to seem that the challenge was getting out of hand and possibly turning into a game,  Continue reading


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A Person-to-Person Experience: My First Time Volunteering at a Food Bank


When one of my closest friends from home found out about my 30/30 Birthday Challenge, she jumped at the opportunity to recruit me as a volunteer for the nonprofit organization she works at. “Have you ever volunteered at a food bank before?” she inquired. While I had participated in a variety of different volunteer opportunities throughout my teens and early 20’s, I scanned through my memory and realized that a food bank had never made the list. In the spirit of being open to trying any new opportunities that come my way during the 30 day challenge, I enthusiastically agreed to dedicate day eight to seeing what it was like to volunteer at a food bank.

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Expats Give Back: Madrid

Whether you’re heading back to Madrid this fall for another year of teaching, or getting ready to start your first year there, consider adding “volunteering” to the list of things you hope to experience while living in Spain’s capital city this year. There are a number of different volunteer opportunities available Continue reading